Article by Kate Rosow Chrisman, writer and editor

When Jason Clements opened a video to his friend’s kid playing baseball live, he knew his product was gold.

“When I opened it up and saw his kid up at bat, I was in the moment and rooting for him to hit the ball and it kind of felt like I was there,” Clements said.

Had that video been posted to Facebook or sent to him a day or two after the event, Clements thinks he never would have gotten around to watching it.  The live element really pulled him in, and he’s betting it will work for you too.

It’s for just those kinds of moments that Clements founded LiveFromMe, an app that allows users to live broadcast videos from their smartphones. Users can choose to broadcast just to a few people, pre-set groups or make the video public.

During beta testing, one of Clement’s favorite videos was of a friend surfing. Clements got to watch him catching waves and bailing into the water. “I just thought it would be really cool and powerful for people to be able to broadcast live from their phones in a similar way they share pictures and video and stories on other social media sites,” said Clements.

The app was just released after extensive beta testing. One important aspect users wanted was the ability to save the video for others to watch it later. While that might not give viewers the in-the-moment feel that Clements experienced while watching the little league game live, it makes it more accessible for those who miss the video while its being recorded.

Users can post the video on the LiveFromMe app or on other sites such as Facebook and Twitter and viewers can watch on any internet connected device.

Clements says people are using the app to record all kinds of events, from pointless stuff to special moments. “Just like people share things on other social networks, the content is up to the people filming it and sharing it,” Clements said.

In the future, he can imagine it being used to record, and broadcast, breaking news from around the world. He envisions a day when the app could break news worldwide. LiveFromMe built the app so that – if the user made the content public – it is easily sharable. A viewer could click a button and share it with all their contacts, giving it the potential to go viral.

Having just launched, Clements is focused on customer acquisition. “The potential for this market, we think this is something that is going to take off in 2015,” Clements said of live broadcasting video. “There are amazing things happening all over the world right now and [the world has] about 1.4 billion devices capable of capturing it and broadcasting it live,” Clements said.

That’s a lot of potential videos.

LiveFromMe isn’t the only mobile, live broadcasting app in the market, but Clements thinks the team behind the app is unique. “My partners are really world class in video,” said Clements.

The 20-person Santa Monica based company has primarily been self-funded, though the company is going through Series A fundraising.

Clements has big ambitions for his company.  “The future of live generating content is about to make a massive leap forward,” he said.

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