Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: June 18, 2014

This Acceptable Use Policy forms part of the LiveFromMe Terms of Service and is incorporated by reference therein. Capitalized terms not defined herein will have the meanings set forth in the Terms of Service.
LiveFromMe provides this Policy to remind LiveFromMe Users of the requirements you must follow when using the LiveFromMe Services as further provided in the LiveFromMe Terms of Service. Without limiting any other remedies LiveFromMe may have, LiveFromMe may terminate your LiveFromMe account and/or use of the Site and Services, if LiveFromMe becomes aware that you have violated this Policy.
You agree to comply with the following terms and conditions in using the LiveFromMe Site and Services, in broadcasting via the LiveFromMe Site or Services and otherwise interacting with LiveFromMe Users:

  1. You will only use the Site and Services for authorized and lawful purposes, consistent with all applicable laws and regulations and the rights of others.
  2. You agree to take reasonable precautions in all interactions with other LiveFromMe Users, particularly if you decide to meet a LiveFromMe User offline, or in person.
  3. You will exercise caution and take care in your broadcasting activities.
  4. You will not use the Site or Services to upload, stream or otherwise transmit content: (a) that is inappropriate, as reasonably determined by LiveFromMe; (b) that is indecent, obscene, pornographic, defamatory, libelous, harassing, threatening, abusive, hateful, or violent; or (c) containing fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading offers, statements, claims or representations.
  5. You will not use the Site or Services in any manner that would infringe, dilute, misappropriate or otherwise violate a third party’s privacy, publicity or other personal and intellectual property rights.
  6. You will not interfere with or disrupt the Site or Services or attempt to gain access to any systems or networks that connect to the Site or Services except as required to use the Site or Services in compliance with this Policy.

If you ever believe that a LiveFromMe User is acting contrary to this Policy, has violated the law or is defrauding, threatening or endangering you, herself or himself or a third party, we urge you to immediately contact the appropriate law enforcement authorities directly for help.
In accordance with the LiveFromMe Privacy Policy, we will cooperate with any law enforcement officials or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity of anyone broadcasting or otherwise making available any materials that are believed to violate this Policy.

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