Amazing moments are happening all over just about every second. What if you had the ability to share these moments with friends and family or the world, as they happen?

LiveFromMe allows users to broadcast life, as it happens, from any mobile device or tablet. You can begin streaming content immediately and pick who you want to share that moment with, whether it’s one friend, a group of contacts, or socially with the world.

At the press of a button you become a personal broadcaster.

If you had only one social outlet for your voice. Which would you choose to make your words and emotions count? Would you opt for 140 characters? … or a frozen image?

Its time for LiveFromMe

Share Life, LIVE!

  • Broadcast your moments to the world LIVE
  • Share your broadcast on social networks, email and WhatsApp
  • Create private broadcasts to share only with the audience you choose
  • Create groups for easy sharing with selected number of people
  • Interact in realtime with your viewers using Chat at the time of broadcast
  • Record & save your live broadcast over the cloud for later viewing
  • Download your broadcasts to your phone gallery
  • Get notified when people you follow start broadcasting